9 August 2008

How to Stay Fit on Holiday

Jeff Archer swimming on vacation
At the moment I’m on vacation visiting family so I don’t have access to my gym for my regular workouts and I’m away from all the running routes that I’m familiar with. 

Rather than be worried that I'll get out of shape while I’m here, I decided when I left home that I’d see what new things I could try and see if they’ll be options for adding to my routine when I get back home.  Here’s how I’m getting on so far.

Having watched a really exciting Wimbledon this year, I wanted to take up tennis again.  I didn’t get around to it when I was in London but here I've been to the stores and bought racquets for all the family and so far we’ve had a championship in the street and found a local court where we can all pretend to be professionals.  I’ve really enjoyed it and everyone else has had fun too so this is something I’ll definitely continue when I get home.

It’s easier to swim here where the weather is 80+ degrees and the pool is outdoors in the sunshine but, regardless of the weather, just getting back into swimming has reminded me of how much I enjoyed it a few years back and also what great exercise it is.  I’ve also been to the beach and swum in the ocean and had great fun on a boogie board, though this isn’t something I’ll be able to do back home.  I know people who do it but for me, it’s just too cold!  I will be visiting the local pool though.

3.Circuit training
I like circuit training at home but it’s usually in the gym.  Here there is a park with a full exercise area so it’s been easy to put together a few programmes that don’t take long but have really been fun to do.  Having enjoyed these workouts here I’ll be making more of an effort to get fit outside as well as in the gym when I get home.

So I’ve managed three new activities so far and enjoyed each one of them.  I’ve also felt aches in places I don’t think I’ve worked for a while, felt the sun on my skin and slept really well.  Oh to be on vacay all the time.....

It would be great to hear what new exercise or activities anyone else has tried on vacation…the start of a vacation does not have to mean abandoning your fitness.


  1. ooo FUN Jeff! It is so easy to just laze around on vacation! Thanks for the great tips!

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  2. Thanks for the kind comments Shelley and glad the post was helpful. I'll be dropping by your site soon,