19 December 2009

Don't Drink Yourself Fat

In my post on Why Can't I Lose Weight Part 2 I mentioned hidden sugars in sodas.

Seems like I'm not the only one to raise a concern about this.  Check out this recent video issued by the New York City Health Department.


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18 December 2009

Start The Day Right

Over the past couple of weeks I've been touring around doing some presentations and I've spent more time than usual in stations, airports, and some new places to eat and drink. 

I've been shocked at what some people choose to eat, particularly for breakfast, when they're not at home.

It's important not to judge what people do based on seeing the choices they make for one meal but some of the selections really should be examined in relation to how you want the rest of the day to shape up.

Think about these breakfasts and how those who ate them might have felt an hour or two later.
  • Fried sausages on white bread
  • Fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, fried potatoes and fried bread
  • KFC
  • Egg & chips / fries
  • Bucks Fizz!
At the same venues there were choices that other people were making:
  • Grilled bacon sandwich
  • Kippers
  • Poached eggs on toast
  • Fresh fruit
  • Omelette
Who do you think had better energy for the rest of the day?

I'm not sure the first group would have had the same thing for breakfast had they been at home but this is a mistake that many people make.  When they're out they chose things that seem like treats but just because you're not at home, the fact that you need good energy all day doesn't change.

So make the decision to start the day right wherever you are and you'll have great energy all day every day.

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10 December 2009

8 December 2009

How Coffee Can Make You Fat

It may come as a shock to some of you but your daily cup of coffee may not be as good for you as you thought.

Many people congratulate themselves that they don't add sugar to their coffee but remember there's sugar in milk and sometimes as much as 4 teaspoons in a large sized latte!

All that sugar flooding into your system in one go means that inevitably some will be converted to fat and stored right where you don't want it to be.

A Cappuccino will have slightly less sugar.  Filter coffee is the best choice.  

Remember this when you reach for the caffeine and choose the option that will pep you up without weighing you down.

See Coffee Featured on the list of 7 things that won't make you fat

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6 December 2009

How To Get Great Arms

One particularly for the guys today.  

Having great arms is mainly a concern in the summer when everyone's wearing t-shirts and vests but my advice is don't wait for good weather to work on the guns.  Get going now and then unveil the finished product as soon as Spring is here.

Here are 3 top tips to get big guns:

1. Mix up the order of exercises
Make sure you don't do the same workout on the guns repeatedly.  Keep using different exercises in a different order to ensure you fully load the biceps in every workout.  Target the biceps from as many different angles as possible.

2. Supersets 
Alternate compound exercises using lots of muscles with single muscle group exercises.  For example, blast through a set of pull ups followed by a set of hammer curls.  Then try a set of rows followed by preacher curls.  For even faster results, vary the order in which you do your supersets.  Sometimes your supersets should start with the compound exercise, other times try the single muscle exercise first and then the compound exercise.

3. Experiment 
Shake up your workout with different patterns of reps.  Sometimes 3 sets of 10, sometimes 5 sets of 5.  Drop sets of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 repetitions, or pyramid sets of 3, 6, 9, 12, 9, 6, 3 reps.  Working to failure with every set will see your guns grow massively week by week.

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5 December 2009

Why Can't I Lose Weight? Part 3

Ever asked your self, 'Why can't I lose weight?'

The answer could be simple.  It might be that you're just not moving enough.

From today onwards, aim to fit in 30 minute extra fast walking every day.  This can be done as one session or in smaller bursts throughout the day.  How will this help?
  • 30 minutes fast walking a day will burn 200 calories
  • That's 1400 calories a week
  • 6000 calories a month
  • 73,000 calories a year
  • That could translate into almost 21 pounds of body fat burnt off during the year, just by walking for half an hour a day
  • Not to mention the 700+ miles you'll cover over the course of 12 months
And here's the added bonus.  The more often you walk fast, the fitter you become.  The fitter you get, the more calories you'll burn for the same amount of exercise.  So you could burn many more pounds if you stick with a regular walking routine.

For more inspiration on this topic read Why Can't I Lose Weight? Part 1 and Part 2

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3 December 2009

Top Stress Busting Tip

When your mind is busy and you can't focus, stress can build and build and become dangerous for your health.  Here's a simple technique to slow things down, prioritise what will reduce your stress and take immediate action to start feeling calmer and more in control.

1. Remove yourself from the environment where you are feeling stressed.

2. Write down everything that is causing you to feel stressed but only allow yourself a maximum of 5 minutes to do this.

3. Put the list of items stressing you in order of importance, starting with what you'd like to see fixed first.

4. Take a clean sheet of paper and write out 3 actions that will begin dealing with your top priority stress causer

5. Write down when you can take the first action.  This should be within the next hour.

Return to what you were doing knowing that you are now in control of your life and everything in it rather than circumstances controlling you.  Make sure you carry out your one hour action and continue to tackle what's stressing you from this point onwards.  No more panic, no more procrastination.

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Photo by cromacom (Flickr)