23 July 2012

Lose 6 Pounds in 3 Weeks

Gained a few pounds? This great cardio plan will see you back in shape in no time.

Women's Running Magazine

Don't Let Your Weight Stop You Running

Worried running might not be for you because you're carrying some extra pounds?  In Women's Running Magazine I explain why it's OK to run if you're overweight.

Treadmill Training: On the way up

Whether you increase your speed or your incline, these workouts will certainly boost your fitness levels.

Your First 5K Run

Want to add some structure to your newfound love of running?  Try my beginner's 5K Plan.

Your Holiday Running Guide

Jetting off for a summer break, but don't want your running to suffer?  Then, before you fly, read this guide I put together for Women's Running Magazine on how to stay active abroad.

Treadmill Treats

Here are a couple of treadmill training programmes - one for beginners, one for spicing things up with some interval training.

Get in Shape for Race Day

If you have a little weight to lose before your up-coming half marathon, there's always time to shift those pounds sensibly while maintaining your race ready fitness.

Women's Running Magazine September 2012.

The Art of Hill Running

Want to progress from a flat trail path to something more challenging?  In Women's Running Magazine, I explain how to tackle off-road slopes.

Fast Running, Fast

Here are two new treadmill training plans that will improve your speed and build your endurance, fast.

Bottoms Up

Four great exercises to tone your butt.  As seen in Women's Fitness Magazine.

Push Your Training Limits

Short enough to fit into a lunch break, tough enough to boost your fitness fast.  Try these treadmill training plans.

Boost Your Agility

If you're going trail running, you'll need to be prepared for all the twists and turns.  Get yourself ready with this workout I designed for Women's Running Magazine.

Get To That Start Line!

If you're heading towards your first 3K or 10K running race, try these treadmill plans to get yourself in great shape.

Treadmill Running: Your Perfect Interval Training Plan

Whether you're a regular runner of just starting out, interval training will give your fitness a great boost.

Trail Running: Good for Your Body

Heading off road os great for the scenery but also fantastic for your body and your fitness.  Find out more in this article I wrote for Women's Running Magazine.

18 July 2012

17 July 2012

If You Like Trail Running, You'll Love These Outdoor Gym Ideas

Hate the idea of exercising in a gym?  Then improve your fitness by doing your strength and conditioning moves outside for a fun, fresh, free workout.  Another feature I wrote for Women's Running Magazine.

Spice Up Your Treadmill Training

Here are a couple of training plans that I wrote for Women's Running Magazine that will shake up your indoor workouts.

Your Perfect Plan

Whether you're a beginner and don't know how to get started with running, or you want to get out of a slump and beat running boredom, here are a couple of training plans that will help you.  Both featured in Women's Running Magazine in June this year.