5 July 2012

3 Top Tips for Kick-Starting Your Results

Last weekend I took part in a triathlon. It's an event I did last year on a warm, sunny day and it was really enjoyable.  Last year I had planned the event well in advance and worked out a steady schedule of training.

This year I entered with just a few weeks to go because I knew that, with a busy summer schedule of work, I needed a diary date to focus my training.  I also knew that once I'd entered, not only would I have to make more time to train, I'd have to work out harder because there's no way I'd want to record a slower time than last year.

I'm pleased to say the plan worked.  The event date forced me to squeeze in some tough training sessions and in spite of a truly miserable day for the race, I managed to come in well ahead of last year's time.

So I wanted to share some tips that helped me and that will help you fast-track your results.

3 Top Tips for Kick-Starting Your Results

If you're serious about making fast progress with your fitness or weight loss goals, remember these three key points:

There must be something at stake
Whether it's a time to beat or an outfit to get into, there must be something to be gained or lost by which you can measure your efforts.  The beauty with this is that you can't lose.  If you beat your target you'll be elated and ready to move on to greater things.  If you don't quite make the target you'll be motivated to get on with making it happen as soon as possible.  I knew that I had to beat last year's time.

You'll do better if there are other people involved
Whether they are with you in the challenge or supporting you on your journey, knowing other people are involved will increase your accountability and sense of responsibility.  You'll want to show others what you are capable of and you won't want to let them down.  This accountability will help you make the right decisions at all times.  I told others that I was taking part and that I had to beat last year's time.

You've got to clearly visualize success
Only a powerful image of what will happen when you reach your goal will guarantee that you can avoid all distractions, work around all obstacles and overcome every potential barrier.  From the moment I entered, I visualized a faster finish time and the feelings of achievement that would go with it.

And there was an added bonus too.  The fact that I beat my time has motivated me to enter another event in a couple of weeks and, knowing that I have to beat my time again, I'm keeping up the momentum with my training.

As they say, success breeds success.  I wish you all the best with your own success...

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