18 June 2008

So You Want Toned Arms?

Picking up on Monday's post about not being able to lose weight and so adding some variety to your workouts, here are 3 exercises you can do with a resistance band that are really effective.

If you don't already do much toning, these are great for targeting the shoulders and the arms. If you already do some strength training, working with the bands challenges your muscles from new angles and can kick start a whole new round of muscle growth.

Bands are great to have in the house - available in most sports departments - and you'll usually find them in gyms.

Shoulder Raises

shoulder raisesshoulder raises

Begin with your arm by your side with tension in the band between your hand and your foot
Keeping your shoulders low, lift the band out to the side.
Repeat x 15 then switch to the other arm

Bicep Curls
bicep curlsbicep curls

Holding the ends of the band loop it under your foot with your arms straight and palms forwards.
Keeping your elbows at your sides, curl your arms up to the front
Straighten your arms and repeat x 15.

Tricep Extensions
tricep extensionstricep extensions

Hold one end of the band in the small of your back and the other end behind your head
This start position has a little bit of tension in the band
Keeping your elbow close to your head, straighten your top arm
This end position has a lot of tension in the band
Lower the top arm slowly and repeat x 15 before switching arms

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