9 June 2008

How To Tone Your Bum Part 2

This time last month I showed you a couple of exercises for toning the butt in time for summer. Hopefully you’ve been practicing them ever since. Today I thought I’d give you some more moves to target the same area in a slightly different way.

These two exercises work really well together so run through 3 sets of each with good technique and deep breathing throughout and you’ll feel the effects on your butt immediately. They’re both quite tough so go slowly and really focus on what body parts you feel working.

Bridge with Leg Lifts

bridge with leg
bridge with leg2

Lie face up with your feet flat and knees bent

Tighten your stomach muscles and then lift your hips off the ground to make a straight line from your shoulders to your knees

Squeeze your butt really tight and then move your weight slowly to one foot so you can lift the other foot off the ground

Hold this position for two seconds. Lower the foot back to the ground and then repeat the exercise moving your weight to the other side and lifting the other leg

Keep the hips in the air until you’ve completed three leg lifts on either side and then lower your hips to the ground

You should now really feel like your butt has been working

Step Downs with Toe Tap

step down2
step down1

Stand on a step or bench with your feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent

Tighten your stomach and your butt and slowly bend one knee while lowering the other foot toward the ground

Control the movement with the leg that’s still on the bench and squeeze your butt to keep your hips level

The back foot should only tap the ground before you lift back up to stand on the bench. Do not be tempted to put the back foot completely on the ground and have a rest! This is what makes this exercise really work.

Repeat this 5 times before switching for 5 reps on the other side

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