11 June 2008

How to get a toned back

This is Tank Top Toning. We all know summer vests can be revealing and there’s nothing worse than catching a glimpse of the tell-tale signs of a fat back

Time for some more fitness tips. Try these two exercises to tone your back and keep you looking shapely when your shirt is off. For maximum impact with these moves, concentrate on squeezing your shoulder blades together with each movement and keep your shoulders relaxed at all times to avoid feeling anything in the neck. 2 sets of each, 3 x this week will get the back muscles really working.

Rows with the Band

rows with band 1rows with band 2

Find a post or piece of kit to wrap the band around at chest height

Take a step back and stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees bent and shoulders relaxed

With your arms extended there should be a little bit of tension in the band

Squeeze your shoulders back and bend your arms to bring the band in towards you

Hold at the back of the movement for 2 seconds before straightening your arms

Keep the tension between your shoulder blades even when your arms are straight

Repeat x 15 reps

Ready for the next one?
Reverse Flys

reverse fly1reverse fly2

Take a step closer to the post and straighten your arms out to the sides

Keeping your arms slightly bent, use your back muscles only to pull the band from just in front of your body to just behind it

Keep your eyes front and your body upright at all times

Repeat x 15


  1. I dont have that equiptment.. but it sounds great! I was curious if you had any workouts for love handles and lower back flab?

  2. Bands are very cheap and worth buying (look in any sports department. of large retailer) because there are so many exercises you can do with them. We do have exercises that will help tone up the fat around the belly area / love handles. Try these:
    http://instantfeelgood.blogspot.com/2008/06/lose-fat-roll-above-your-jeans-part-2.html in combination with the exercises for toning the backs for maximum results..