16 June 2008

Why can’t I lose weight?

Many people I come across think they’re doing plenty to lose weight and achieve their health, fitness and body shape goals. They get frustrated because despite all their efforts, they can seem to lose more than 1-2lbs.

Well the sad truth is that they are probably not doing enough or what they are doing, isn't the right thing.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes that people make when it comes to losing weight and some suggestions that will help you shake it up and get the great results you deserve.

1. Variety

Problem: ‘I’ve been going to the gym and doing my workout regularly for months now. Why can’t I lose weight?’

Solution: Chances are that you made a bit of progress when you first started your program but now you’re just too used to it. If you can complete your workout routine easily then you need to raise your game and give your body a more difficult challenge. This 'refreshed' workout will kick start your body into losing weight again. By the end of each cardio workout, you need to feel that you couldn't possibly work any harder and that you have really pushed your body to the limits.

2. Intensity

Problem: ‘I walk for an hour a day but it doesn’t seem to help. Why aren't I losing weight?’

Solution: If you walk for an hour a day, every day, you’ll have reached a fitness plateau. You need to inject some intensity into your workout. Don’t panic, this doesn’t necessarily mean working out for longer but it does mean working out smarter. Speed your walk up so that you feel warm and out of breathe. Try some new routes to vary the terrain and make your muscles and your heart and lungs work harder. A stroll will not make any difference to your weight but an uphill hike will do it.

I've talked about reaching fitness plateaus before and what you can do to get yourself out of it.

3. Routine

Problem: ‘I watch my diet and stick to my routine carefully. Why have I not lost weight?’

Solution: I’m a big fan of routine as following familiar patterns means you don’t have to think about every decision you have to make around food. But make sure your routine is the right one for you. You’ll only lose weight if you test different routines until you’ve perfected the one that gets you the results you’re looking for.  Maybe you're eating too much.  Or not eating enough. You may be leaving it too long between meals and your body is in the habit of hanging on to fat.  Make sure you experiment with different routines until you hit on the right one for you. Don't copy what your slim friends eat because that diet suits THEM.   If what you are doing now isn't working, from today onwards, try something different.

Here are some suggestions on what to eat in a typical day. It may give you some ideas.

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  3. Why cant i lose weight? Great post. I agree with you 100% Walking is exelcent for losing weight and becomming more fit, its one of the very best exercises anyone can do, and it is so easy.

    Thank you for the great post. keep up the good work