25 June 2008

Lose the Love Handles

They're called love handles but did you ever meet anyone who loved them. Those stubborn bits of droopy skin that hang around at the sides of your tummy.

To rid yourself of your love handles quickly, try this combo of tummy toners. Go slow with these exercises and really feel where your working - the stronger you feel the contractions in your muscles, the faster your toning will be. Both exercises are tough and will make you breath but remember you'll need to do some cardio as well.

If you really want to blitz the belly you need to tone the muscles inside and fry the fat from the outside.

Side reach crunches

side reach crucnhside reach crunch

Lie face up with your feet flat and knees bent
Tighten your stomach muscles and lift your head, shoulders and hands off the ground
Keeping relaxed at the neck, reach one hand towards the foot on the same side
Feel the squeeze in your side tummy muscles
Return to the centre position and repeat on the other side
Repeat for 10 reaches on each side

Lunges with a Twist
lunges with twist1
lunges wit twist1lunges with twist3

Stand upright with a dumbbell or bottle of water held out in front of you
Step forward into a lunge position
Make sure you have right angles at both knees and your hips
Holding the position steady by tightening your tummy muscles and slowly turn your upper body to one side
Return your body to the centre
Step up and out of the lunge and then straight into another lunge leading with the other leg
At the bottom of this movement twist your upper body to the other side
Repeat the sequence until you've done 5 twists to each side

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  1. Thank you for the tips sir. Exactly what I was looking for.