5 June 2008

I can't stop craving chocolate

choc cupcake We all know what it feels like to crave something. When the idea pops in your head, it wont go away till you feed it - literally. This wouldn't be so bad if the cravings weren't usually for foods that are unhealthy.

Can you imagine what great shape the world would be in if people craved superfood salads instead of chocolate or burgers? But alas, it doesn't seem to happen that way.

The reason that junky foods are the most appealing is that because these foods are processed and refined, they offer a quick way for us to address any imbalances in our body that are being flagged up by the craving. Natural foods take a bit longer to break down in the digestive system but ultimately are the best way to satisfy cravings and keep the body on an even footing as they come with lots of other nutrients and aren't laden with sugar, fat and salt.

Here's a list of the most common cravings, what they are really telling us our bodies need and what we can eat to satisfy them that won't mean you pile on the pounds.

I'm craving

Chocolate indicates you're in need of magnesium. Opt for raw nuts and seeds or fruit.

Fresh bread means your low in nitrogen. Seek out some high protein foods such as fish, meat, nuts or beans

Fatty foods could mean you are low in calcium so keep your eyes peeled for broccoli, kale, cheese or sesame seeds

Salty foods means a deficiency in chloride. Eat fish or drink goat's milk to beat the craving

Remember too that many cravings can be triggered by dehydration so make sure you drink plenty of water. Take a look at our 7 day fitness program for sneaky tips on how to make sure you get your 8 glasses each day.

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  1. Ive always head that craving icecream really means youre thirsty----thoughts?


  2. Hi Mizfit,
    I know that craving ice cold drinks or cold foods means you are in need of iron so the healthy option would be greens - the darker in colour the better. But then again, on a hot day, a craving for ice cream should surely always mean you have the ice cream??