14 March 2008

How Celebrities Stay So Skinny

The quickest way for a female celebrity to get lots of column inches is to be photographed looking super svelte after having a baby. Its the headline the editors love the most and readers seem to lap it up. Sure, in some cases, the weight has come off due to hard work in the gym and a rigorous diet but some of the time, all isn't quite what it seems. Sometimes celebs lie about how they stay so skinny. It’s a modern phenomenon whereby shrinking women seem to be the norm and the skinnier you are, the more famous you'll become. Being overweight is simply not an option and having curves is no longer appreciated as an attractive thing.

The reason I'm posting about it now is because a few celebrity personal trainers have gone on the record talking about some of their famous clients and the secrets tricks they use to stay slim and the lies they tell to deceive the public about how they keep their size 2 figures.

I stay slim from running around after the kids or the weight fell off after the baby sound familiar? That's the kind of soundbite you hear after an actress has returned to her pre baby weight a whole week after giving birth! okay, I'm exaggerating but not much..

I’ll give you the highlights here but the full article is worth a read if only for you to feel wonderful about yourself afterwards.
“Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has trained Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Penelope Cruz, says: "I had one actress training with me four times a week in addition to daily exercise bike classes.
When the Press asked how she'd 'transformed' her body, she said: 'Oh, I do yoga and hike with my dog.' It makes me laugh.":

According to this report, the road to size zero isn't as easy as they tell you in the celebrity magazines. Here are some of the most popular short cuts used by celebs to stay skinny:

*Drugs: Adderall - It keeps you awake while killing the appetite;
Cocaine - Ditto;
Clenbuterol - prescribed to treat respiratory problems in horses but happens to cause fatloss in humans - Neigh!
*Diet Pills
*Extreme faddy diets: Boiled eggs and boiled eggs only
“Celebrity trainer David Kirsch says: "I had a client who was getting ready for the Oscars and all she ate was one meal a day - of two boiled eggs! I was able to persuade her to add some almonds and a protein shake and some vitamin supplements.
"It's a self-defeating strategy, you need to eat enough, and particularly protein, to build lean and toned muscle in the first place."

*They fast (lets call this what it is - voluntary starvation)
*They Master Cleanse, otherwise known as the lemonade diet: water mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Beyonce made this famous after swearing by it to help her shed some weight for her roles in Dreamgirls.
*Laxative teas - many actresses are taking laxatives in the form of "dieter's tea".
*Guzzling Coffee
*Wearing a smokers patch
*Living in the Gym - Literally. Three hours a day, every day for three months anyone?

Can you imagine living your life with the pressure (self-imposed) to be so underweight all of the time. To keep starving yourself and working yourself so hard and damaging your health in the process. Just so you can be super thin? Its simply not worth it.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson believes "There's no straight guy in the world who knows the difference between a size 14 and a size 4."

But sadly, I don't believe these women aren't staying super skinny for men, they are more likely doing it to show other women.

Read the full article here.

Photograph Christi Nielsen (Flickr)

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