17 April 2008

Are you wasting 51% of your day?

Interesting to see a news article this morning about how
'more than half (51%) of office time is said to be spent dealing with unwanted emails and telephone calls, with 44% of bosses saying their most productive working happens on the journey to and from work'

This is what I was posting about earlier in the week about Stealing Back Your Free Time . The news piece goes on to say

'The average senior manager only manages to complete 3 hours 50 minutes of constructive work each day'

How depressing is that? It makes you think that if 5 hours are wasted everyday with emails to people usually less than 100 yards away from you*, how much more productive your day could be with some self-imposed rules. Suddenly my habit of checking my emails twice a day seems like the most sensible thing I could be doing. I hate few things more than wasting my day. Don't you?

*39% of all office emails travel less than 100 metres from sender to recipient.

Photograph by SiSter PhotograPher (Flickr)

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