8 April 2008

Want to save $40,000 & Feel Great?

There was an interesting piece in the paper last weekend about Human Growth Hormone
and it’s possible role in reversing the effects of ageing. Apparently it can:

• Increase skin thickness
• Reduce wrinkles and body fat
• Increase muscle mass
• Boost libido
• Improve mental wellbeing
• Increase energy levels and metabolic rate

Quite frankly it seems to do everything! Some Doctors who work with HGH claim it has transformed their lives while some studies suggest that the benefits of taking HGH are marginal, probably not worth the potential risky side effects. Anyway with a potential financial outlay of $40,000 a year to cover the regular injections required to really make a difference, not many of us will be lining up to invest.

But here's the thing. The article went on to offer tips on how to achieve the same effects as HGH injections on a budget and much more quickly than signing up for a course under the needle. The advice is simple, common sense and is guaranteed to work, without the possible side effects of the so-called miracle cure. Some of it may sound familiar:

• Get 8 hours sleep a night
• Drink as little alcohol as possible
• Eat organic protein with every meal
• Eat as few grain-based foods as possible – get your carbs from vegetables & fruit instead
• Avoid anything that contains sugar
• Exercise regularly
• Keep stress to a minimum
• Cut down your exposure to pollution an pesticides

Hmmm, it got me thinking. We read the same sensible advice over and over but are still often tempted to try the next miracle cure, even if it’s expensive, and even if it doesn’t live up to the ‘quick, easy fix’ that it promises to be. Forget miracle cures and let’s go back to basics.

Think about which of the key 8-points above you are most in need of addressing and decide right now how you will implement a change in this area. If you want to drink less alcohol, make the rest of the week booze free. If you need to exercise more, plan your activity for the next 7-days and commit to it. If you’re feeling under stress, book your next mental time out and make it happen.

So, no need to think of healthy living as sacrificing the stuff you like, think of it as saving yourself $40,000!

Photograph by nixArt (Flickr)

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