3 November 2008

Get slimmer, toned thighs

Whether you're trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans or just don't like the wobble on your thighs, these two exercises are great for toning that area and helping you get shapely legs. All you need to do is some cardio to get you sweating for at least 15 mins and then follow the instructions on how to do the narrow to wide squats and the backwards lunge with kick. 

You ready?

Narrow to wide squat jumps

starting position for narrow to wide squat jumpsjumping after squat
landing in wide leg squat position

Stand upright with your feet hip width apart
Sit back into a regular squat position making sure that your knees do not travel further forwards than your toes
Now swing your arms to jump out of the squat position

Move your feet apart in the air and land with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and with your toes turned out

Keep your tummy tight as this will help you balance

Sit back into a wide squat position making sure that your knees stay in line with your hips and ankles

Swing your arms to jump out of this position

Move your feet together in the air and land with them hip width apart

Repeat for 20 jumps; 10 squats in each position

Backwards Lunge with Leg Kick

Backwards lunge with kick1kick following backwards lunge - position 2
Stand upright with your feet hip width apart, shoulders relaxed and arms by your sides

Take a big step backwards and move into the lunge position

At the bottom of the movement you should have right angles at both knees with your body upright

Spring the back leg out of this position as you stand upright, swing it forwards and straighten it in front of you

Return this leg to the starting position

Repeat the sequence on the other side

Continue until you have completed 10 lunges and kicks on each leg

Make sure your body is upright throughout the movement - no leaning backwards and forwards...

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