19 September 2008

How to Stop your Thighs Rubbing Together

I recently saw a disturbing advert for a cream that you rub on your skin if you suffer from chaffing, for example, if your thighs rub together as you walk. As uncomfortable as this sounds, its sadly not that uncommon for some women to have chaffing at the tops of their thighs.  I did a little research on this and the only solution that seems to be offered is for them to wear support pants like Spanx each day.  Now that just sounds like swapping one uncomfortable problem for another  So, I thought I'd write up a couple of exercises that really target the thighs to keep them trim and toned and ensure you never go anywhere needing a product like the cream.

No one should ever need that cream.

Are you ready?

1. Single Leg Squats Jeff Archer doing single leg squats for toning thighs

Jeff Archer doing single leg squats for toning thighs
Stand sideways on a bench or step
Adopt an upright posture with your tummy tight and shoulders back and relaxed
Hang your left leg over the side of the step taking your weight onto your right side while keeping your hips level
Squeeze your bottom muscles, sit back at the hips and bend your right leg
Allow the left leg to travel towards the ground but keep your hips level at all times
Keep the right knee above or behind the right toe as you bend the knee
Pause at the bottom of the movement
Keeping your stomach muscles and bottom muscles tight, straighten your right leg to return to the start position
Repeat for 10 squats on the right leg and then swap sides

2. Power step up

power step ups using a bench
power step ups using a bench

This move is similar to the Step Downs with Toe Tap only the movement is faster and you bring your active leg up so that the thigh is parallel with the ground at the top of each repetition.
Keep your stomach muscles and butt tight at all times
Complete 15 repetitions with each leg


  1. This blog is really awesome! My thinghs don't chaf together yet but I want my thighs to be skinnier. Thanks for all the tips.

  2. I've known quite a few GUYS whose legs rub together when they walk, thank you.