2 September 2008

Do you exercise enough for your age?

I'm regularly asked about how much exercise and how often to do it if you want to achieve weight loss. Or more specifically, 'I want a flat stomach, how long will it take'. When it comes to the amount of exercise you should be doing to reach / maintain your ideal weight and fitness, a lot of this depends on your age

Most people don't do enough exercise - simple. They may think that they do but perhaps they don't appreciate how much exercise it takes to keep fit.

Start early and get into the routine of doing it. 

Children should be doing one hour of exercise (playing, sports) a day. 
And 40 year olds need to do at least 2-4 hours a week

There's an easy guide on each age group for you to follow which I've linked to below. No more excuses. Grab exercise where you can in your day and make it part of your life and you'll never look back.

So are you doing enough exercises for your age group?

photograph by Kat (flickr)

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