8 September 2008

What to eat if you're on a diet but desperate for a snack!

chopped vegetables and fruit make perfect healthy snacks
There's something about going on a diet that makes you think about nothing but food all day long. You obsess about it, you long for pizza and you even dream about Chinese food / Mexican food / Indian food...... 

This is the reason I don't really think diets work because you end up resenting them because they deprive you. However, if you are on a diet and find yourself ready to chew your own arm off, what can you eat that won't ruin all your hard work so far?

Take a look at my list of 10 snack ideas and I'd love to hear about the snacks you turn to when hunger strikes.

The most important thing if you are on a diet and really hungry is not to ignore it. Starving yourself won't help you lose weight - just water.

1. Mug of hot water with a slice of lemon or a slice of orange. Refreshing and filling.

2. A banana or an apple. Both of these pieces of fruit will help quash the hunger pangs. Try frozen grapes for some variety.

3. A small pot of fat free yogurt. Sprinkle some nuts on top to add the protein (protein fills you for much longer than carbs)

4. Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. Often, when you think you are hungry, you are only thirsty. You should feel fine after 10 mins.

5. Hard boiled egg - if you're at home, this is a great snack and it'll fill you till your next meal.

6. 2 rice cakes. Not yummy admittedly but they do the job. Avoid the flavoured ones - stick to plain.

7. Handful of dried fruit - keep a bag of apricots or raisins on your desk at work.

8. Chopped carrots, celery, radishes. 2-3 of these will sort out your craving.

9. Green tea - good for weight loss as well as satisfying hunger cravings.

10.Slice of chicken breast or turkey breast - the protein is filling but these lean meats will make you feel like you have filled the hole in your tummy.

Keep this list as reference so you always have something low in calories and low in fat to turn to when you're in need. What do you snack on?

Photograph by programwitch Flickr

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