12 September 2008

Take your clothes off, it's dinner time

try taking a photo of everything you eat - how does it make you feel?
Earlier this week, I wrote about low calorie snack ideas that you could turn to when the hunger cravings got too much but you didn't want to ruin your diet.  Being a slave to your appetite can be a dangerous thing and even the most disciplined of people find it hard sometimes not to go for that third biscuit, second donut or dessert after you've already had two courses. So here are some fun / useful / crazy ways to help you control the urges.

Ever thought about eating in front of the mirror naked? Or how about taking a photo of every single thing you are about to eat. This is meant to make you think twice before over indulging knowing you have a captured image of it. I agree that some of these tricks work but at the end of the say it's important to find your own way to control over eating. 

After all, it is your body.

Here's the full list of novel ways to control over eating.

Photograph by thevoicewithin (flickr)

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  1. Very interesting blog post that makes you think about what you are putting into your body. I think that eating after a certain time (like 7pm) is very hard to control...- NJ www.neckpainsupport.com