9 February 2010

What does good look like? Part 1 - Exercise

How do I fit exercise into my busy week? is one of the questions I hear most often.  It's usually followed by, I love exercise but there just isn't time, what can I do?

Here's my simple strategy for overcoming the idea that you don't have time for exercise.

Instead of blasting through everything on your agenda and hoping that you'll have time for exercise somewhere during the week, adopt a different approach.

Take a few minutes to plan out what good looks like for you when it comes to exercise.  How much, how often, what kinds of activity, who with, for how long.

For one week only, make your exercise the first thing you write into your diary, planner, calendar or schedule.

Then add everything else.

For one week only complete every diary appointment to exercise.

At the end of the week, review what happened.  Did you enjoy the exercise sessions, were the activities right for you, did you need longer or could you have got away with more time efficient options?

You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that by aiming to follow through with this approach for just one week, you'll have completed a lot of exercise.  The good news is that if you manage it for one week, you can manage it for other weeks from now on.

Use the feedback to plan for the next exercise week.

After a few weeks of refining the process you'll find that you have a routine that works for you and that's easy to stick to.

You'll also find that you've become more creative at fitting other tasks around your exercise.

I guarantee with this approach you won't miss out on anything and you won't get less done.  In fact, with the extra energy you generate by taking regular exercise, you'll get more done.

And you'll relieve yourself of a whole lot of guilt at not exercising as much as you thought you should.

Give it a go this week.  It works.

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