17 February 2010

What does good look like? Part 2 - Healthy Eating

Following on from the post on what a good exercise week looks like - what does good look like? Exercise - let's examine what a good food routine looks like.

I've touched on this before in the post Why a food diary keeps you slim so here's the next step.

Keep track of everything you eat and drink for
one week only.

Then review your diary asking yourself the following questions:

  • Did I eat / drink the right things?
  • Did I eat / drink at the right times?
  • Did I eat / drink the right amounts?

You'll now be wondering, 'Right for what?'  The answer is right for what you are trying to achieve.

What we eat and drink dictates how we feel, our energy levels, our mood, our weight, our body shape and our confidence.

Whichever of these areas you're looking to improve, judge your food diary by the results you're getting in this area.  Then experiment with different approaches until you know the routine of what you eat, when you eat it and how much you eat in order to achieve fantastic results.  

Bear in mind the golden rules of eating for great results though, which are...

Hold on, this post is too long already, I'll let you know the golden rules in a few days...

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