1 February 2010

How Much Do You Drink?

A while ago I wrote about how easy it is to 'accidentally' consume an entire extra day's worth of calories over the course of a week by drinking alcohol.  You can read the post on Boozy Nights here.

What's shocking is that you can find yourself in this situation even with moderate drinking.  In fact, chances are you'll be consuming these extra calories even if you stay within the UK Government guidelines of 14-21 units of alcohol per week.

What's also shocking is how quickly you can rack up the units of alcohol that make up our recommended 'allowance'.  A common mistake people make is to think that one drink equates to one unit of alcohol.

In fact, the guidelines for units were created when alcohol was weaker and typical measures of drink smaller.  Here's how many units there are in current popular drinks:

·      A 500ml can or bottle of 5% beer or lager contains 2.5 units
·      A 175ml glass of wine, many of which are now around 12% alcohol by volume, contains 2 units.  A 250ml glass which is often served in bars is nearer 3 units
·      Bar measures of spirits are often 35ml which is closer to 1.5 units than to 1 unit

I'm not highlighting these issues to make you feel bad about drinking - everything in moderation after all - I simply flag them up so that you can make more informed choices as part of your overall plan of what you eat and drink in relation to how you want to look and feel.

If you want the best results with your energy, fitness and body shape, keep in mind how much you drink and how often and experiment with different patterns of drinking until you find a routine that suits you.

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