5 August 2010

Killer Arms in No Time

A while back I showed you how to shape up your arms in my posts Banish Bingo Wings and So You Want Great Arms 

Today I'll show you how to adapt a single exercise - the good old fashioned push up - to help you tone up your chest, shoulders and the backs of your arms.  These push ups can be performed with either your feet or your knees on the floor.  Maintain a straight body throughout the movement and keep your head slightly forwards of your hands.

1) Narrow Push Ups x 10
For this set your thumbs should almost be touching and you press up with your elbows close to your body.

2) Regular Push Ups x 10
For this set your hands will be shoulder width apart

3) Wide Push Ups x 10
For this set your hands will be placed slightly wider than your body

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  1. Exercising freehand is very good for health.It should be incorporated in every ones program.It helps the body lose the unnecessary calories and also look at good health.

  2. I am doing that using medicine ball and it worked on my butt and arms.

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