22 June 2012

Making Fitness Fun

As the weather finally decided to cheer up a bit the other day I took a group of people I was working with outdoors for a fitness session.  It had been a long day for them and they were feeling quite lethargic and not really in the mood for circuits or running in the park.

So we decided to play a game instead.  With Euro 2012 in full swing, football (soccer) was the obvious choice.

30-minutes later, they'd all had a great workout and a whole heap of fun.  No one asked about how many calories they'd burnt or if they could now justify a large evening meal.  They all simply went about the rest of their evening with a big smile on their face.

So, if you're ever struggling to find the energy to work out:

1) Find ways to get active that are fun and don't seem like exercise
Team sports, dancing, cycling to visit someone, even tasks around the house are simple options

2) Find fun people to get active with 
Many forms of exercise are simply more exciting when you're with someone else so look to include some workouts with friends or teams each week

Get sociable and get fast results!

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