15 May 2008

Is Wii Fit Worth All the Hype?

Since its launch, the Wii Fit has taken the US and UK by storm. Cynics have said its only useful to the VERY lazy who never workout anyway whilst others seem to rave about it. So, what if you put it to the test with various guinea pigs all of whom have different levels of fitness. Who'll still love it then? Well that's exactly what they did in this article.

Who got a good workout and would come back for more? Not who you'd think. Meet the guineapigs...

The multitasker mum who has no time to work out
The sweat hound who loves a bit of cardio
The yoga master who knows her shapes
The fitness professional
The couch potato...say no more

I could tell you know what the results were but it's a fun, short article so do try to read it if you get a moment. 

Read the full article here.

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