24 July 2008

Bored of the Gym?

If you sometimes find yourself dreading a visit to the gym don't panic. Even the most dedicated of fitness fans has off days when they just can't face their usual workout. So what do you do if you want to keep getting results but can't be bothered to plod through your routine?

The most important thing is to do something different.

Often it's the routine that's the problem, not the effort of actually doing something physical. The barriers to a good workout are just as likely to be mental boredom as they are to be physical fatigue.

Here's the solution.

No matter what mood you're in, don't hesitate to get to the gym. Don't think twice about it, just go.

When you're there, do not spend more than 5 minutes on any one activity. Here's a suggested routine - I used this with a client the other day. She really wasn't in the mood but ended up loving this programme and working really hard - much harder than she thought she would when she left the house and dragged herself to the health club

  1. Cycling - 5 minutes warm up 
  2. Treadmill - 5 minutes, starting with a slow jog and increasing the speed each minute 
  3. Squats x 15 
  4. Lunges x 15 
  5. Rowing - 5 minutes to row as far as possible and record the distance 
  6. Bench Press x 15 
  7. Seated Row x 15 
  8. Press ups with feet on the fitball x 15 
  9. Treadmill - 5 minutes in 1 minute bursts, moderate, fast, moderate, fast, moderate 
  10. Shoulder Press x 15 
  11. Lat Pulldown x 15 
  12. Rowing - 5 minutes to see if you can beat the distance from the previous 5 minutes 

Cool down, stretch, relax, recover and go home feeling tired, satisfied (smug) and knowing the gym is once again your friend.


  1. Any suggestions for a home routine using treadmill, ball, bands and dumbells? I am 42yo woman who cannot lose weight but have been doing 40-60 min a day on treadmill. Could you some advice.

  2. I like this 5 min plan! Any more you can add?