15 July 2008

Exercises with a Fitball Part 2

Assuming that you're all still in one piece following the first lot of exercises to do with a fitball, here's the second installment.

These two exercises are great for working on:
1. tightening up your stomach
2. toning your bum
3. toning your legs

Try doing these after 20-30 mins cardio work and make them part of your workout 3 times a week. You'll really notice the results.

Ready? Let's get started.

bridge lift on fitball position 1bridge lift on fit ball
Lie face up with your heels resting on the ball
Tighten your stomach muscles and squeeze your butt muscles
Press your feet into the ball evenly and lift your hips off the ground
Form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles
Hold the bridge by squeezing your butt - keep the legs relaxed and avoid tension building up in the back of the thighs by focussing on your butt
Keep the bridge steady for 5 seconds and lower gently
Repeat x 5, holding the bridge for 2 seconds longer each time

Bridge with Leg Curl
bridge lift on fit ballbridge lift with curl on fit ball
Begin in a similar position to the bridge but this time have your knees a little bent and your heels resting on the ball
Lift your hips into a bridge
With your hips up, bend your legs and move the ball towards your butt
Straighten your legs but don't let your hips drop
Perform 5 leg curls and then lower your hips to rest

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