7 July 2008

Kick the bad food habits

Many people come to me frustrated that they just can’t get the results they want with their fitness and their body. Usually this happens simply because they are stuck with habits that don’t help them in their efforts to reach their goals. For example, recently someone approached me complaining they had difficulty sleeping. On further discussion it transpired they were in the habit of drinking up to 8 coffees in a day so it’s no surprise they weren’t able to sleep well. You hold the solution to everything that's stopping you losing weight and feeling fit. Only you - so isn't it time you kicked the bad habits and got on with reaching your goal? Here are some tips to make that easier.

Another common complaint is a difficulty with losing weight which often turns out to be due to a daily treats of cake or chocolate with every cup of tea and a pastry with every morning coffee. Its time to be honest with yourself about whether or not you want to lose weight and get fit and time to stop with the excuses.

Time to be honest.

Think about which of your habits may be slowing your progress, write them down and then apply the following 3 rules to kick the habit.

1. Always have a substitute. It can be difficult just to ‘not have coffee’ or ‘lay off the cakes’ so make sure you have an alternative ready for the times when you’d usually indulge. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee. Nuts are a good alternative to sugary snacks.

2. Mind your language. Stop thinking of yourself and talking about yourself as someone with the habit you’re changing. Don’t say, ‘I drink a lot of coffee’. Say instead, ‘I’m someone who’s happy with one or two coffees a day’. Or, ‘I used to drink a lot of coffee but I don’t any more’. Or even better, ‘I’m a person who drinks the right amount of coffee a day to make sure I feel great!’ Listen to what you say to others and catch yourself everytime you slip up.

3. Plan ahead. Often people picture themselves following their old routines and falling back into old bad habits so this is exactly what happens. You must picture yourself with your new habits as often as possible to make sure they stick. Visualise yourself throughout the coming day saying no to the old routine and yes to the new one and you’ll find it really easy to get through each day with new routines that support you in your desire to get in shape.

Don't waste time and energy resenting having to give up cakes / mochas / dessert - you've decided to give them up because you don't like the effect they have on your belly / skin / butt / waistline etc. * delete as applicable.

Good luck.

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photograph by anaulin (Flickr)


  1. Re: point #1, having a substitute - that one works for me. For instance, instead of potato chips, lately I've been eating low fat baked taco chips with salsa. Instead of ice cream, I've been eating mini (10 cal. ea.) freezies. I'm finding now that those are the foods I'm actually craving, rather than the more fattening and less healthy food that I used to eat.

  2. Great to read your comments and thanks for the tips. Its always amazing how quickly you can start craving healthy foods if you find the appropriate replacement. Nuts on your desk at work instead of sweets. One week later, you start craving cashews and pistachios!

  3. Great post and useful info on tricking yourself (sad that we have to do this) into making the right choices for our bodies. I've got a similar blog, tell me what you think: Reap A Destiny