23 October 2008

Eating fast makes you fat

eating your food too fast can make you fat
Sometimes you read a report that falls into the category of stating the very obvious.

This is one of those reports. The reason I mention it to you though is because I think that despite it being very obvious, it's a small change that everyone could make that would get a good result quickly.

The slower you chew your food and eat, the more likely it is that you will stop eating when you are full and not carry one overeating.

Whereas, eating fast almost makes it too difficult for your brain to keep up and send the right message that you are full and so you carry on eating (overeating).

So if you fall into this category:

1. Regularly eat on the go - whilst walking, at your desk etc.
2. Regularly eat whilst watching TV at the same time
3. Regularly eat whilst reading at the same time

....then you need to stop and try just eating. Try these tips:

1. Chew each mouthful at least 20 time
2. Sit at a table to eat and switch the TV off - focus on your food and eat it without rushing
3. Think about how you feel - the moment you start to feel full, put down your fork and stop.

These little tips work and they will help you to lose some weight through consuming fewer calories.

Have a read of the full article here for more tips.

Photograph by elh70 (flickr)

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