3 October 2008

Fitness on a tight budget

We're all trying to save money at the moment as prices rocket and we wait to hear the next doom and gloom story on the news about the economy. So I thought that for those of you who may be thinking about not renewing your gym membership to save a bit of cash, here's a free workout you can do at home on a budget. This is Credit Crunch Fitness and it's just as effective as heading to the gym but much, much cheaper. You ready?

The only kit you need:
  1. A fitness ball - most homes have one of these lying around or they are really cheap on EBay or Craig's List.
  2. Mat / or you could use an old towel
  3. Two bottles of water filled
  4. Jump rope - look in the kids room or buy one in a department store

0-5 mins - Warm up, march on the spot, shake arms and legs
5-15 mins - skipping / jump rope outdoors for 10 mins. Try to keep going and not take too many breaks.
15-25 mins - run around the block for 10 mins. Go at a steady pace so you can keep it up.
25 - 27 mins - 15 lunges, 15 crunches using water bottles
crunches using water bottle
crunches using water bottle
27-29 mins - 15 squats, 15 press ups with ball,
press up with fitness ballpress up with fitness ball
29 - 32 mins - The Plank, Side Plank - do each for 60 seconds if you can with short rest in between
the plank
the plank
side plank
32 - 35 mins -  stretch

You're done! Do this 3 times a week, it only takes half an hour and you'll feel so much better for knowing it's costing you very little.