14 January 2009

Best Abs exercise if you have lower back pain

A surprisingly common problem for many people and one I get asked about often - what tummy exercise can I do when I have such a sore back. Well the good news is that you can still work on toning your tummy without causing any further pain to your back. Here's how.

This is actually very straightforward because the same exercise which tones your tummy will also help you to alleviate your lower back problem.

1. Avoid traditional crunches with your legs flat on the ground and a big movement with the top half of your body.

2. Include some strength training and stretching for your back to ensure that your approach to training your mid-section is balanced. Try using a stability ball for back support and strengthening your core.

3. Begin with gentle stretches for your back and then try a few back raise with a very small range of movement.

4. Try exercises such as The Plank for your stomach, where you are resting your body on your forearms and creating a flat line from your shoulders to your knees which are in contact with the ground. Start this exercise with your hips slightly higher than the line of your body and then lower them if your back will allow. Remember to keep your stomach tight throughout this movement. Try for 2 x 30 seconds initially and increase from there.
The PlankThe Plank

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