20 January 2009

Best Non-Gym Activities For Fat Burning

Did you gain weight over the Christmas and New Years holiday? 
Or are you just looking to make an early start on getting your body 'summer ready' and sticking to your 2009 weight loss resolutions? 

Look no further as this guide will list the Top 3 activities that will help you to lose the fat FAST without having to go to the gym.

1. Running, sprinting or hill running

Running outdoors is one of the best ways to burn calories. It’s tough and it challenges your whole body. This is why so many people avoid it but if you stick with it, it can even become enjoyable, particularly when you experience fast results. If you’re new to running outside, begin with running short distances, maybe even just a few steps and then recover with some walking. Gradually increase the distance you run and decrease the time for recovery. Before long you’ll be running for a few minutes without stopping and you’ll feel great for this.

From this point you can progressively increase your overall running time and then, if you really want to blast the body fat, add in some fast running or some running up hills. Two or three bursts of sprinting or hill running, once or twice a week will bring you really quick results with shifting the holiday pounds.
Calories burned per 30 minutes: 150 - 400

2. Skipping / Jumping Rope

If you haven’t skipped in a while you’ll be surprised at how tiring it can be. It seemed easy when you were young but things are a bit different now. Once you’ve remembered the technique you just need to skip in short bursts, starting with 20 skips and working up to 100 at a time with a short rest between each round of skipping and you’ll really feel the effects. Once you’ve mastered the art, try seeing how many skips you can do in one minute. A few attempts at this challenge will really burn some calories.
Calories burned per 30 minutes: 250 - 350

3. Circuit Training
This doesn't always have to be in a class environment at your gym. You can design your own mini-circuit at home, put some lively music on and then move swiftly from exercise to exercise and you’ll have a quality fat burning workout without having to leave the house. An additional tip here is to leave some fitness kit in plain sight when you finish – maybe a mat in the corner of your bedroom or some light weights near a mirror. When you see the kit, you’ll be reminded of exercise and will squeeze in a few reps as you go about your routine which will all add up to quite a lot of extra exercise over the course of the week.
Calories burned per 30 minutes: 150 - 250

Don't miss the Top 3 Exercise Classes for fat loss in tomorrows post.

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