12 January 2010

99 out of 100 packed lunches eaten at school are unhealthy

It appears that the vast majority of children aren't being given a healthy lunch to take to school with them.  Read one report on a recent study here.

Shame on the parents.  Kids need to get used to eating and enjoying foods other than crisps and snacks because the habits they learn in their early years will stick with them.  I know adults who still base their daily lunch around the sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and fizzy drink template.  And they don't look or feel good on it.

If you're responsible for packing your child's lunch, make sure you know what constitutes healthy options - here are some ideas in my post about the best lunches when trying to lose weight.

When you know what works for adults, simply modify it slightly for the kids.  Healthy food can be enjoyable and fun.  All you need is a bit of effort and imagination and the kids will feel a lot better for the rest of the day.

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1 comment:

  1. Great post! My daughter enjoy's trying new things with me. The truth is kids are going to eat and like their parents do. As we change our habits, we teach good ones to them. Don't only fix them a healthy lunch, make sure you are fixing you one too!