4 January 2010

The Single Most Important Change You Can Make in 2010

A single change and a simple change.  Your attitude.

I've been catching up with friends over the holidays and two people that I haven't seen for a while were looking particularly great.  

I asked them how they did it and in both cases the decision to get serious about a particular aspect of life was the trigger to never before achieved results with their fitness, weight management and general positive outlook on life.

One had decided it was time to find a new love interest and the other was in search of their dream job.  As it turned out, they both hit the jackpot but for each of them there were a few months where they had no guarantee of success.  So what kept them on track?

It was the belief that if they kept a positive attitude and focused on the things they believed would bring success in their chosen area of focus, they would at some stage triumph.

They said they didn't do much differently to begin with apart from practice more positive thinking around their chosen objectives.  Then, gradually, as the desire for success grew, they saw opportunities for different choices in relation to what they ate, how they managed their energy, the exercise they took, the friends they kept, and how they responded to events along the way.

Both reported they didn't always consider how they needed to behave each day to make their goal a reality, just staying focused on the goal guided their behaviour.

So, from today onwards, make your daily choices easy by focusing on your attitude.  Decide what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it, and everything you need to do to bring these goals to fruition will quickly become clear.  Then all you need to do is act consistently until the result is yours.

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Photo by Paul Schreiber (Flickr)

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