5 February 2008

Getting High on Fitness

Chatting this week with a guy who had recently been persuaded to return to exercise I was reminded how fragile the foundations of a regular fitness routine can be. This person had been in the habit of enjoying exercise up until around 5-years ago when work priorities took over and looking after himself took a back seat. On getting back into the groove of getting his body moving he made two key observations.

Firstly, he was amazed at how great he felt – energised, focused, calmer and more positive. Secondly, he was astonished at how he had managed to forget these great feelings and to actually have denied himself these for so long. He was kicking himself but was at the same time so relieved to feel that he is now back on the right track.

Forgetting just how great exercise can make you feel is something that I come across with clients regularly. Rather than thinking of all those excuses that prevent you from getting active, why don't you do something right now to remind yourself of those great feelings?

Rate yourself out of 10 right now for how you feel. Get outside for a 15-minute walk and then rate yourself again. Your rating will be higher following your exercise. In future when you’re reluctant to exercise, focus on just how great you know you'll feel and get stuck in!

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