20 February 2008

3 Most Successful Ways To Start Winning

Now, Now, Now!

They call us the 'Now generation' because we're all about short cuts and making demands and expecting them to be fulfilled..IMMEDIATELY.

Not attractive but in the spirit of the way we live today, if I had to name the 3 most successful ways to guarantee healthy living and super energy, they would be....

1. Prioritise yourself. The first items onto your schedule should be all about YOU. When you will take exercise, what activities you'll be doing, when, where and what you'll be eating, when you'll get to the supermarket and when you'll be take some time out to relax. Build the rest of your diary around this and not the other way round. Even if you have a family to look after and run around after, you can fit it all in around some me-time.

2. Be flexible. If your first attempt at putting your needs first doesn't quite work, modify your approach. Don't fall back on old habits and run yourself into the ground. You no longer belong at the bottom of your list.

3. Be persistent. prioritising yourself is not a selfish act. If you are feeling good and getting a little more of what you want in life, you'll be the best person you can be for all those around you.

Start this routine today. Stop hoping you'll start to eat better. Stop hoping you'll lose the weight without doing some exercise. Stop hoping you feel less crabby one of these days when you stop feeling eternally exhausted. IT WON'T HAPPEN unless something changes.

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