15 February 2008

Re-Thinking that Friday feeling

'We cannot feel good about an imaginary future when we are busy feeling bad about an actual present. But rather than recognising this...we mistakenly assume that the future event is the cause of the unhappiness we feel when we think about it.

Our confusion seems terribly obvious to those who are standing on the side lines, saying things like 'You're feeling low right now - but everything will feel different next week..'

It is only natural that we should imagine the future and then consider how doing so makes us feel, but because our brains are hell-bent on responding to current events, we mistakenly conclude that we will feel tomorrow as we feel today'.

I thought this would be a great time to share Harvard psychologist, Daniel Gilbert's words from his book Stumbling on Happiness because we're half way through February - notoriously the most depressing month of the year.
New Years resolutions and all your best intentions for the year ahead may have become neglected and it could feel pretty difficult to feel optimistic. But that's February - that's not your year ahead.

Try reading Gilbert's words again and make yourself a shiny, new goal and remember to think positively about it. Spring will be here soon, mornings will get lighter so go ahead and make that goal something to focus on.

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