25 February 2008

So Simple...But This Works

I've been training with Ellie for 2 years now and she never cancels or skips a session. She's very diligent about exercising on her own in between our runs. Ellie is the size she wants to be and, better still, feels really fit and healthy.

Her secret?

She doesn't 'do' fad dieting; she doesn't sign up for gimmicky classes; she doesn't believe in quick fixes and instant weight loss cures.

Many of her friends seem to however, and bounce from one new obsession to the next. Yogalates, Power Plate Lunging and even Jazzaerobic Swimming. Or ridiculous diets that leaves them constantly feeling hungry, gassy or bloated. Meanwhile, Ellie sticks to what she knows. The result - her friends give up their new regimes after the 4th session or fall off the food regime they are enduring that week and the weight starts to creep back on.

Ellie's lessons to pass on?

1. Buy a good quality pair of running shoes.
2. Invest in some dumbells.
3. Devote time in your diary for exercise and block it out at the same time throughout your diary so nothing else can slip into its place. Its your 'date with your body'.
4. Be vigilant about what you eat during the week. Limit eating out and take out if you can.

That's it. Dead simple.

Ellie says
"I mix up my workouts with some circuit training, skipping, spin classes or longer runs if I have the time.
I keep it varied and fun so there's no danger of boredom. It's simple and it works so I'm always motivated to keep it up"

So there's the secret of success. Ellie decided what she wanted: a fit, healthy, slimmer body. She decided what she was prepared to do to get it: sacrifice 2 hours a week and invest in some basic kit. She decided to get on and do it.

Follow Ellie's example and decide exactly what you want and what you're prepared to do to get it. Take regular action and enjoy brilliant results!

Photograph by Thomas Hawk. Flickr

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