11 February 2008

Is It Just Me Or Are Sit-Ups A Waste Of Time?

I’ve just been sent a new book to review and its title really brought a smile to my face, so much so that I’ve borrowed it for todays blog entry. I’m sure the author Graeme Hilditch won’t mind! My review will appear soon but from what I’ve read so far, there’s a lot of good advice offered and it's well worth a look.

The issue of sit-ups and their place within a fitness programme has been around for years now – how many sit-ups should you do, which type of sit-up is best, how long should you spend on sit-ups each day?

The amazing thing is that most people still think sit-ups are the quickest way to achieving that holy grail of the washboard stomach. I come across this virtually everyday and even after lengthy explanations to the contrary and lots of nodding and agreeing, they still say the same thing, ‘yes, but I’d be happier if we could still include lots of them in my routine’.

I’m not saying don’t do them at all but I am saying that, as most people are pushed for time to exercise, there are many more efficient ways to spend that time. Try something other than endless sit ups and I'm sure you'll feel the effects instantly. For some inspiration, take a look at an article that I wrote about this recently.

"Let’s clear up one of the greatest fitness myths we hear all the time: hundreds of crunches or abdominal exercises will not get you a flat stomach or a six-pack your friends will envy.

All the stomach exercises in the world are worthless if there is a layer of stubborn body fat covering your perfect stomach. So, if you want your midriff to look shapely, you need to ensure you follow a balanced workout programme that includes plenty of fat-burning cardiovascular exercise."

Read the full article featured in Women's Fitness.

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