18 November 2009

Best weight loss diet part 1: the no stress diet

The best way to lose weight

Last time I talked about managing stress to help you live longer: Live Longer: Manage Stress

One easy way to manage your stress levels every day is with the food and drink that you consume.

Here's how.

1. Make sure you eat
Sounds obvious but so many people are just too busy or they don't make food a priority.  Then they suddenly realise that it's 6pm and they haven't had any food all day.  If you don't fuel your body with food, you'll need regular bursts of adrenalin to keep going.  Too much adrenalin in your system, for too long, with stress your system and raise your blood pressure.  

A steady intake of food throughout the day means your body works with good energy rather than adrenalin and you keep your blood pressure steady.

2. Watch your caffeine intake
Drinking caffeine is like taking a quick hit of adrenalin into your system.  Do this too often and your system becomes stressed trying to rebalance the amount of adrenalin in your bloodstream.  

Too much caffeine can also impair your ability to focus and get things done which means physical stress can also become mental stress.  Stick with a maximum of two cups of coffee or tea or two sodas a day.

3. Avoid processed foods and sugary snacks
Meals and snacks containing lots of sugar cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly.  If your blood sugar levels rise too high, too often, your system has to continually produce insulin to counteract this.  Too much of this each day stresses your body.  

Instead eat natural products, wholemeal carbohydrates and make sure you always have a bit of protein with every meal or snack.  Eating this way releases energy into the system slowly and helps maintain a stable environment.

So how does this make up the best weight loss diet?
Simple.  A body under stress will not use food effectively or burn calories efficiently.  This will lead to weight gain or difficulty in losing unwanted pounds.  

No stress / Best weight loss diet tips:
1. Eating regularly means you won't suffer from a slow metabolism or hang on to unnecessary body fat.  

2. Minimising caffeine creates stable fat burning conditions in your body.  

3. Avoiding too much sugar means you won't consume too many calories each day.  

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  1. Very informative! I know this tips will be for the better and healthy body. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting!

  2. Work already gives me stress so this losing weight style seems to fit me as I don't want more stress just to lose some weight. Thanks for the tips you shared to us.