20 November 2009

Wake Up and Enjoy Life

4 Ways to Wake Up and Enjoy Life

Last week I wrote a blog called wake up and change your life.

Witnessing people living a very different kind of life had got me thinking about those who make big changes, but what about the majority of people who are reasonably happy with most aspects of their life, but for some reason have lost their sparkle.

I seem to have come across a number of people in this situation in the last week and I think maybe it has a lot to do with the time of year.  It's cold outside and days are short.  It's near the end of the year and there's pressure to get everything done before the rest of 2009 disappears.

It seems as though many people are struggling to find the energy they need to get through each day and enjoy their lives.  So I thought it would be worth a reminder of some previous blogs all geared towards helping you experience great energy throughout the day from start to finish.

1. Get some daylight, breathe some fresh air, get active and energise your body
Try some of these exercises / activities every day and aim to do them outside to make sure you benefit from natural light

2. Eat for energy in two easy steps: the first half of the day & the second half of the day

3. Sleep like a baby
You're never too old to learn some good sleep habits

Easy.  Now Wake Up and Enjoy Life.  Every Day

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