14 November 2009

Feel Great Every Day

Sounds fantastic doesn't it?  If only we could all feel great every day.  Surely it's possible isn't it?

Something I notice as I speak to people about health, fitness and feeling great, is just how many people don't seem to think that it is possible.  They seem all too happy to limit their potential feel good factor by making excuses as to why it can't happen.  They say things like, 'I'd love to feel great every day but I just don't have the time', 'I'm too tired' or 'I'm too busy'.  

Too busy to feel great?!

So what happens is they end up adopting survival mode, doing what they can to get through each day just hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better.

Well here's a thought.  What if you can guarantee that tomorrow would be better than today?  And that every day after that you would feel great.  Well here's how you can achieve this.

The way you will feel tomorrow will be largely dictated by what you do today so don't just aim to survive today and make tomorrow better.  Think about what you can do today that will guarantee tomorrow is better.  Begin with these 3 steps:

1) Get active.  Even if you don't feel like it, squeeze in a workout today.  It will energise you right now and you'll wake up feeling glad you did it.

2) Eat regularly.  If your blood sugar levels are low all day today, you'll wake up feeling sluggish.  Make sure you eat every 3-4 hours today and you'll wake up feeling sharp tomorrow.

3) Get to bed.  There is a temptation to stay up late and enjoy a bit of time to yourself in the evening but the cost is you feel tired and sluggish tomorrow.  Decide early in the day what time you need to be in bed for a great night's sleep and then plan your evening around sticking to this bed time.

Don't hope for a better day tomorrow, act today to make sure it happens

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