30 November 2009

Tone Up Fast

Want to tone up fast?  You probably think fast results aren't possible and that to get a sexy, toned body takes hours and hours of hard work.  Well, think again.  Here are 4 golden rules to toning up really fast.

1. Work out regularly. 
Make sure you get active every other day and never go more than 3 days without a workout.  Exercising regularly tells your body to get used to this level of activity and encourages efficient fat burning and muscle toning.

2. Work hard
Do not waste a second of your workout time by cruising on half power.  If you run, run hard, if you're lifting weights, make sure that at the end of each set of 10, 12, or 15 reps, you really need a breather.  If you could manage more reps it's time to increase the weight for some of your exercises.

3. Variety is the spice of life
Avoid sticking with any single programme for too long.  Even if you're getting good results, chances are you could get even faster results by adding some new moves to your programme.  Challenging your body in different ways throughout the week and the month will make you work harder.

4. Save rest time for later
Exercise time is precious so don't spend too much of it mooching around getting your breath back between exercises.  Moving quickly from activity to activity will keep your heart rate up, boost the calorie burn of your workout and speed up your fitness and toning progress.  Keep up the intensity when exercising and recover fully when your workout is over.

Follow these rules and you'll be amazed at how quick your toning results will be.

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Photo by jp_ns (Flickr)

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