28 November 2009

Manage Stress Lying Down

As it's Saturday I thought I'd suggest something simple and completely relaxing.  This is a technique that will help you put all the stresses and strains of the week behind you and help you to clear your head and totally relax.

Practice this technique regularly and you can use it whenever you need it for a guaranteed mind and body recharge.

1. Lie face up with your arms out to the sides and palms turned upwards.

2. Take a deep breath in.

3. Breathe out slowly.

4. Breath in again, slower than before.

5. Breath out slowly.

6. Repeat the breathing pattern breathing in as slowly as you can, completely inflating your lungs and then breathing out slowly.

7. Each time you breathe out imagine your body becoming heavy, relaxed and sinking into the ground.

8. Continue for between 5 and 15 minutes.

9. Bring your awareness back to the moment, sit up before standing and return to your daily routine feeling calmer and sharper.

Practicing this regularly will help you in your quest to live longer by managing stress.

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Photo by Jason Michael (Flickr)

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