13 November 2009

Team Training

At the beginning of the month I ran a half marathon.  Not much to note there - I've run the same race for the last few years, but this time is the first time as a new Dad.  I knew with the recent weeks of missing sleep and squeezing in quick training sessions where possible it was going to be more difficult than usual to stay motivated and probably very easy to say I'm not up to my usual fitness so I'll just give it a miss this year. 

But in 2000 I vowed I would complete the run every year so I decided this year I needed some extra motivation.  I recruited a couple of friends to come along with me and I've got to say it made all the difference.  Knowing that we had entered together together and that if I didn't make the start line I'd be letting them down after getting them involved kept my mind focused and ensured that I managed to do at least a bit of training, even when I didn't feel like it.

The day of the race was horrific weather and had we not all been travelling to the start line together, staying in bed looked like a much better option.  But we got there and we got round in spite of heavy rain and gusty winds.  And it was all worth the effort.

So my tip for today is, if you've set yourself a fitness goal or challenge and you're worried that you might not make it happen, get some friends involved and you'll be sure to stay on track.  Share the responsibility to make the challenge happen and you can share the sense of achievement when you've done it.

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